Fields of Activity

Hotel Management

Following the tourism world with the experience of many years, we aspire to be a reliable enterprise that adopts the customer satisfaction unconditionally showing friendly and warm Turkish hospitality.

Crowne Plaza İstanbul Harbiye

Managed by the Family's dynamic member Maridin Turizm ve Otelcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş, under Mehmet Edip Yüksel Holding, Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye is an important tourism investment.

Combining the international Crown Plaza experience and standards with Turkish hospitality in order to make our guests prefer us repeatedly by building a reputation in our region and Istanbul thanks to our service and service quality.

Yüksel İstanbul Yenikapı

Yüksel Istanbul Yenikapı Hotel, managed by Maridin Turizm ve Otelcilik, under Mehmet Edip Yüksel Holding, is one of the youngest members of the Family.

Our aim is to be in higher positions in the sector, combining the international hotel management experience with Turkish hospitality and service quality with high-standards in the Historical Peninsula.

Tourism and Travel

Having a structure which is always open to change and innovation, we aim to become the sector's rising star with our identity of the modern and contemporary brand and customer satisfaction-driven experience.


Alibabatour, under Mehmet Edip Yüksel Holding, has been an important tourism and travel investment in Turkey since 1987.

As an Istanbul based tourism and travel company, it takes charge of visa procedures and organizes domestic and overseas tours.


By founding efficient partnerships with our suppliers and offering our customers technological products at a competitive price and with the best service, we adopt making YPET an esteemed distributor in Turkey as our principle.

Yüksel Petrolcülük A.Ş (YPET)

Our principle is to provide our customers with an effective service and qualified products produced with high technology. Yüksel Petrolcülük aims to make the brand YPET one of the favorable brands in Turkey within the shortest time by building efficient and long-term business relations through all of our other distribution channels that will provide service to our customers, business partners, employees, and brand.


Our principle is to provide qualified production and a livable environment that take the respect to people and nature as a basis, meet all the requirements of contemporary life and take the best advantage of modern architecture and technology.

Yüksel Hatboyu - Yüksel Adakale

A number of construction investments are conducted by Ataköy Petrol Ltd. Şti. and Maridin Turizm ve Otelcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş under Mehmet Edip Yüksel Holding. Yüksel Hatboyu and Yüksel Adakale in Florya-Istanbul are their most recent projects.


With a world-class approach to fuel oil taking form based on the domestic needs, we give service with our retail fuel oil stations in Turkey.

Retail Dealerships

Under Mehmet Edip Yüksel Holding, a broad dealership network has existed in different distributing companies for almost a half century in Istanbul. It continues to serve and make investments in the retail sector with its dealerships at Istanbul's important and valuable locations featuring high potential.